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    The American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine (AAOM)is a not-for-profit organization, which provides information and educational programs on the accurate diagnosis and comprehensive nonsurgical treatment of musculoskeletal problems. The AAOM promotes Orthopaedic Medicine by teaching doctors integrative diagnosis techniques and comprehensive/ integrative nonsurgical treatment methods including proliferant injections (prolotherapy), steroid injections, fluoroscopic spinal interventions, osteopathic manual medicine, therapeutic exercise and interventions with various pharmaceutical/ nutriceutical/ herbal/ homeopathic based treatments. The AAOM method of diagnosis/treatment is effective in providing relief to acute and chronic pain emanating from the Cervical Spine (neck), Thoracic Spine (midback), Lumbar Spine/ Sacroiliac Region (low back), Upper Limb (shoulder-elbow, wrist-hand), and the Lower Limb (hip-knee-ankle-foot).

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    The 33rd AAOM Annual Conference Presents:

    Interventional and Regenerative Orthopaedic Medicine in Motion!

    30 Presentations bundled so you can enjoy the entire 33rd AAOM Annual Conference Experience for one price of $395

    No need to travel to any other Orthopaedic Medicine Conference in 2016,

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    Watch as often as you wish and at your convenience, 30 Presentations from all of the Orthopaedic Medicine A-listers, at one price of $395 available for 24 months!

    All 30 presentations are bundled ? for one price of $395

    The AAOM is the world's #1 not-for-profit, non-commercially supported teaching organization in the field of Interventional and Regenerative Orthopaedic medicine! There is no other organization that comes close. The AAOM is rooted in the Orthopaedic fundamentals and evidence-based medicine, yet never fails to push the edge of science, research and patient care. This video compilation of the AAOM 2016 Conference Presentations is the next best thing to being there!


    Presentation 01: New Stem Cell Treatments on the Horizon ?Michael Brown, MD

    Presentation 02: Facial Nerve Repair - Advances in Nerve Regeneration ?Victor Ibrahim, MD

    Presentation 03: Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Their Therapeutic Efficacy?Arnold I. Caplan, PhD

    Presentation 04: A Biological Problem demands a Biological Solution; Phytochemicals optimizing the Biochemical Environmental Factor in joint injury and disease ?Lanny Johnson, MD

    Presentation 05: Bio-Cellular Spine Interventions ?Carlos Garcia, MD

    Presentation 06: Scientific Evidence of Regenerative / Stem Cell Therapies for Orthopedic Conditions ?Jaye E. Bowen, DO

    Presentation 07: Using Platele Lysate To Treat Lumbar Radiculopathy?Chris Centeno, MD

    Presentation 08: Understanding pain and inflammation associated with high levels of FAC and potential Tx with alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M) ?Gaetano Scuderi, MD

    Presentation 09: Fascia and its Practice Implications ?Thomas W. Findley, MD, PhD

    Presentation 10: Hijacking the Immune System: A Faster Way to Heal ?Darrin D ?Agostino, DO

    Presentation 11: Biotensegrity and It's Practice Implications ?Bradley D. Fullerton, MD

    Presentation 12: Regenerative Medicine.....A model for Optimal Health and Healing ?Joel Baumgartner, MD

    Presentation 13: Barriers To Musculoskeletal Healing ?Janine Talty, DO

    Presentation 14: Health Through Motion?Pete Egoscue

    Presentation 15: The Selective Functional Movement Assessment ?Gray Cook, PT

    Presentation 16: The Effects of Hormones on Fat Mass, Body Composition and Insulin Resistance in Men and Women ?Neal Rouzier, MD

    Presentation 17: A Case Study in Upper Cervical Instability ?Bradley Fullerton, MD and David Harshfield, MD

    Presentation 18: Treating Cranio-Cervical Junction (CCJ) Instability ?Chris Centeno, MD

    Presentation 19: The Layering Effect; How Regenerative Medicine Can Improve Outcomes of Traditional Interventional Spine Care ?Paul Lieber, MD

    Presentation 20: The Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment ?John Lyftogt, MD

    Presentation 21: Ultrasound Guided Hydrodissection (HD) of Peripheral Nerves ?Stanley Lam, MBBS

    Presentation 22: The Effects of Stem Cell Treatments on Venous Failure?Donald Voelker, MD and David Harshfield, MD

    Presentation 23: Prolotherapy, PRP and Stem Cells in Private Practice ?Mayo Friedlis, MD

    Presentation 24: Advances in Dextrose Prolotherapy Research: Building a Body of Evidence. What has changed in a Year?K. Dean Reeves, MD

    Presentation 25: Platelet Rich Plasma ?Chris Centeno, MD

    Presentation 26:Seeing is Believing, Not all Back Pain is from the Spine ?Brian Shiple, DO

    Presentation 27: Anti-Aging Medicine ?Neal Rouzier, MD

    Presentation 28: Matrices In Sports Medicine ?Michael Scarpone, DO

    Presentation 29: A Few Thoughts ?Panel Discussion

    Presentation 30: A Learning Opportunity ?Bradley Fullerton, MD