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Considering adding Regenerative medicine to your practice?
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Regenerative Medicine Business Development.

Regenerative Orthopaedic Medicine: Integration in Evolution

Learn from Over 25 Leaders in the Field of Orthopaedic Medicine.
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Benefit from the shared ideas and expertise of physicians, surgeons and researchers.

31 Videos Available for Purchase!

Presentation 01: Prolotherapy – TheFoundation on which all Regenerative Treatment is Built by Mayo Friedlis, MD

Presentation 02: MSK Practice by Bjorn Eek, MD

Presentation 03: Discogenic Back Pain: An Orthopedic Medicine Perspective by Michael Brown, MD

Presentation 04: Use of Placental Tissue for Orthopedic Injuries: Potentials and Pitfalls by Dan Kuebler, PhD

Presentation 05: Power Reading the Lumbar Spine MRI: A Guide to Better Interpretation by David Harshfield, MD

Presentation 06: Power Reading the Shoulder MRI by David Harshfield, MD

Presentation 07: Medical Ethics in Regenerative Medicine: A new era for new problems by Carlos Garcia, MD

Presentation 08: The Fascia: Ultrasound diagnostics by Brad Fullerton, MD

Presentation 09: Amnion Tissues in Orthopaedic Regenerative Medicine by David Harshfield MD

Presentation 10: Update and future perspectives in Prolotherapy research by Dean Reeves, MD

Presentation 11: Regenerative Medicine Research Update by Chris Centeno, MD

Presentation 12: Quality Control for Regenerative Medicine: Basic Laboratory Science by Dan Kuebler, PhD

Presentation 13: How to Avoid Your Worst Nightmares with Spinal Prolo or PRP by Chris Centeno, M.D.

Presentation 14: PharyngealOroFacial Orthopedic Medicine: Advances in understanding TMD by Joseph Yousefian, DMD

Presentation 15: Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine: The integration of Orthopedic Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery by Brian Shiple, DO; Victor Kalman, DO

Presentation 16: Platelet Rich Plasma Update: What have we learned? Where are we going? by Jose Fabio Lana, MD

Presentation 17: Cases in Regenerative Orthopaedic Medicine: Moderator: M. Brown

Presentation 18: Management of Chondral and Osteochondral Defects in the Knee by Alberto Gobbi, MD

Presentation 19: Intra-operative Rotator Cuff Repair using PRP and Adipose in the Canine Model an RCT by Sherman Canapp, DVM

Presentation 20: Helping Doctors Make Science-Based Decisions about Marketed Regenerative Medicine Products by Mary Pat Moyer, PhD

Presentation 21: One-Stage Cartilage Repair Using HA-BMAC Compared to Microfracture: 5 Year Follow Up by Alberto Gobbi, MD

Presentation 22: Radiologic Interpretation of the Pelvis and Hips in Orthopedic Medicine Practice by David L. Harshfield, M.D.

Presentation 23: Ultrasound Guided NeuroFascial Hydrodissection by Stanley KH LAM, MBBS, MScSEM, MScSM&HS, PGDipMSM, RMSK

Presentation 24: What's the Recipe to Help Different Connective Tissues Heal by Michael Scarpone, DO

Presentation 25: The Role of Mechanobiology in the Etiopathogenesis of Tendinopathy: Lessons learned from humans and horses by Stephen Arnoczky, DVM

Presentation 26: The Use Of Interventional Regenerative Orthpedic Medicine (IROM) In Sports Medicine by Thomas K. Bond, MD, MS

Presentation 27: Scaffolding: An Update in Ortho Biologics by Michael Scarpone, DO

Presentation 28: Is there evidence in animal models for translational research utilizing regenerative medicine principles by Sherman Canapp, DVM

Presentation 29: Basic science rationale for current treatment options for tendinopathy: Why nothing works all of the time by Stephen Arnoczky, DVM

Presentation 30: RCT Comparing Hyaluronic Acid, PRP and the Combination of Both in the Treatment of Mild and Moderate Knee Osteoarthritis by Jose Fabio Lana, MD
Presentation 31: Bonus!! The Business of Regenerative Medicine (4 Videos) by Carlos Garcia, MD

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