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Curriculum Fulfillment for Specialist in (IROM)

IROM 202: AAOM International IROM Workshop-II: Lima, Peru 

The American Association of Orthopedic Medicine (AAOM) through its Latin American subsidiary (LAOM) together with the: Clínica Internacional del Peru, offers the Prolotherapy Workshop in Lima Peru. The workshop objective is to enable Medical professionals advance the theoretical and practical training in Prolotherapy. This course will include: daily lectures, instruction on evaluation, correct diagnosis, solutions, needle placement, injection technique and patient treatment.  

The Workshop will take place at The Clínica Internacional del Perú (One of the most recognized Clinics in Peru). The course will provide a unique experience in the practical aspect of treatment with Prolotherapy. The participants will have the opportunity to be trained by Physicians with a lot of experience in Prolotherapy, allowing the participants to gain invaluable experience. The course also has a social role by providing free medical care to poor patients.  

IROM 202 is another Intermediate-level Prolotherapy educational course & medical mission which takes place in Lima, Peru. 

  • This course is designed to give each physician- learner a direct, high-volume, hands-on treatment experience with live patients, in a controlled and supervised manner. Each learner should expect to treat at least 50 patients. 
  • Our host physicians and Clinic Coordinators in Lima are Dr.Roberto De la Torre and Dr. Gaston Topol. 
  • The Clinic site used in Lima is Clinica Internacional and is a fully accredited. 
  • There are a limited number of physician-learners admitted to IROM 202 such that the maximum student to instructor ratio is 4:1. 

The pre-requisites for IROM 201 are:

  • Be an active member of the AAOM in good standing; AND... 
  • Have taken the Denver Cadaver Workshop (IROM 200), or prior participation within the last 5 years of any AAOM international workshop, or prior participation within the last 5 years of >1week of any international HHPF Prolotherapy trip.

Register Now for the 2017 AAOM/LAOM Prolotherapy Workshop!

Registration Fees for US Physicians is $3000 - Covers all Educational Course fees 
Registration Fees for South American Physicians is $2000 - Covers all Educational Course fees